Island of Korcula

Is the largest of the green islands of the Adriatic. From time immemorial it has been forested, which was why it was given the name Corcyra Melaina - Black Korcula during the colonisation of the ancient Greeks.


Long beaches, rocky mountains within reach of the sea, fervent summers, untouched nature and unique city monuments have turned the vacations of many travellers into an exceptionally beautiful dream.
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How to reach us

Dependent witch means of transport you want to use for your travel, it is possible to reach Vela Luka in many ways.

We suggest to drive on the new motorway (Rijeka – Split); in the beautiful Dalmatian city embark on the ferry to Vela Luka port. There are many others way to reach our island as follow: 

-          Go on to Ploče: from here embark on the ferry to Trpanj, go on the peninsula Peljesac to Orebić and embark on the ferry again to Korčula city, then continue for 40 Km for Vela Luka.

-          With the ferry from Rijeka to Korčula.

-          With the ferry from Italy to Croatia: from Ancona to Split, from Bari to Korčula.

We wish you a pleasant and happy journey from your starting point to Vela Luka.

Usefull links

Croatian shipping company (ferryboats and hydrofoils).

Croatia Airlines
Croatian airline company.

Croatian Auto Club - lots of usefull information.

from Zagreb

By BUS to:
- Vela Luka directly (Every day)
- Rijeka
- Split

By PLANE to:
- Split
- Dubrovnik


from Rijeka

By FERRY to:
- Split - town of Korcula directly (Rijeka-Split-Stari Grad (Hvar)- Korčula-Sobra(Mljet)-Dubrovnik-Bari)
Departure from Rijeka:  on Monday at 20.00 (arrival in Korčula on Tuesday at 12.40)On Friday at 20.00 (arrival in Korčula on Saturday at 11.15)

By BUS to:
- Split

Along the coast to SPLIT, DRVENIK, PLOCE or OREBIC


from Split

By FERRY to:
- Vela Luka directly (every day)  (from 03.06.16 to 02.10.16):
From Split to Vela Luka: every day at 10.15 and at 17.30 ↔ From Vela Luka to Split: every day at 6.15 and at 13.45
Catamaran (only guests): From Split to Vela Luka: every day at 15.00 ↔From Vela Luka to split: every day at 5.30 
- Town of Korcula: departure only on Saturday at 18.00 (arriving in Korčula at 22.00)

- Vela Luka directly (Every day)

Along the coast to DRVENIK, PLOCE or OREBIC

from Ploče

By FERRY to:
Trpanj on Peljesac (continue to Orebic)

Ploče  – Trpanj (Pelješac): Every Day : at 5.00 (from 01/07/16 to 04/09/16) - at 7.30 - 10.15 - 12.30  - at 15.00 - 17.30 - 20.00 

Trpanj (Pelješac) – Ploče: Every Day : at 6.15-9.00-11.15 (from 01/07/16 to 04/09/16) at 12.00 at 13.30-16.30-18.45-21.00


from Orebić

By FERRY to:
To Town of Korcula (Domince)

From Orebić (Pelješac) to Korčula at 4.00  and at 00.30: every hour

From Korčula to Orebić (Pelješac) at 3.30 ans at 00.00: every hour


from Korčula

By BUS (to Vela Luka)



from Dubrovnik

By BUS to: 
Vela Luka directly (Every day)

By CAR to:

By FERRY to:
Town of Korcula